To continuously meter and inject liquids – clear, viscous, abrasive, corrosive, volatile and more – at all flow rates and pressures.
To mix volumes of all types of fluids in open or closed tanks (corrosive, solids in suspension, two-phase fluids, etc.).

Our expertise and equipment: our standard and modular ranges dose and mix fluids to your requirements and our customised systems can be specifically tailored for your technical needs and budget.

A wide range of applications: Chemicals, Oil, Gas, Water treatment, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Detergents, Agriculture, Food, Pulp and paper, Textiles, Nuclear energy, Paints and more.
Our metering pumps, chemical injection packages and mixers are used for many processes in a host of industries and meet current standards, guidelines and directives (EC, ATEX, ISO, EAS, API, GOST, etc.).



The ability to provide products to suit your requirements is enhanced by our parent company, Milton Roy Company. The heart of our business: to research and develop fluid dosing and mixing equipment in order to be able to provide products to meet your needs. More than just a safeguard, the synergy between our dosing and mixing brands ensures a commitment to service and innovation.

Notre réseau commercial

Prepare to power up with PRIMEROYAL X

Greater power, more control For more information please visit www.primeroyalpumps.com

Bear with us... Our new range of metering pumps PROTEUS™ will arrive soon!

And you will see how the PROTEUS™ metering pumps can improve your process...

Milton Roy Europe is ISO/TS 29001 certified

Milton Roy Europe has become one of the first dosing equipement suppliers to obtain the ISO/TS 29001...

IFAT, Munich, 30 May-3 June, Hall A6, Booth 305

Please visit us at IFAT, Hall A6, Booth 305 More information on the exhibition official website


To inject highly concentrated chemicals, or highly viscous chemicals or to face high suction lift at...

STOC EXPO - Booth F16

Milton Roy will be attending the STOC EXPO exhibition at Antwerp in Belgium from 15 to 17 March 2015...

Milton Roy Europe received ISO/TS 29001:2010 accreditation

Thanks to its strong processes and employees' commitment, Milton Roy Europe has become one of the fi...

Our number one priority? Our Customers

To serve our customers quickly and efficiently, Milton Roy Europe has set up a dedicated hotline for...

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